we have upgraded to digital scanning and monolithic Katana Zirconia


the new CT equipment revolutionizes digital radiology.


our experience is based on thousands of solved cases


covers a very wide professional area and requires a holistic approach

about us




Our clinic is not new on the market .

In 2020 we will celebrate 20 years from the foundation of our clinic. This does not mean that we live in the past, but rather that we have deep roots in the domain. During this period, we were the first, or among the first, clinics to keep up with the most modern technology, constantly investing in equipment and in the training of our doctors.

Our basic principle in practicing dentistry has been and will remain:maximum preservation

A strong team.

We maintained our basic team in time because we like to build long-term relationships between us, but also with our patients. .

VIP smiles.

Many clinics can promise you Hollywood smiles. The smiles that we build greet you on the stage of the National Theater from Bucharest and on other stages or screens from the country.

reasons to believe

continuous investments in the most modern technologies that really make a difference in dentistry domain
we are not the cheapest clinic on the market, but our rates are built in a transparent manner, with a maximum level of honesty
our clinic uses the endodontic microscope since 2006, representing a real talent incubator in this domain
a few images to introduce you to the friendly atmosphere of our clinic located in the centre of Bucharest
  • DR
    Andreas Buzoiu

    Dentist, Graduate from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, UMF Carol Davila,…

  • DR
    Ramona Iosif

    Specialist General Dentistry, Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, UMF…

  • DR
    Mariana Popescu

    Dentist, Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, UMF Titu Maiorescu,…

  • DR
    Adriana Panait

    BMF Surgery Specialist, Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, UMF…

  • DR
    Despina Miciulica

    Specialist orthodontics and dental facial orthopedics (2010); Dentist (2006) Graduate specialization ODF,…

  • DR
    Roberto Cristescu

    Dentist Postgraduate specialization in Endodontics, ACTA, Amsterdam (2011) Master in Biomaterials, Faculty…