About us

Finesse Dent


- Our clinic is located in the centre of the capital, offering private parking and "valet parking".
- We have doctors for all dental specialties:

  • surgery,
  • implantology,
  • periodontics,
  • orthodontics,
  • pedodonthics,
  • endodontics,
  • prosthtodontics,
  • dental aesthetics

- We have evolved from classical prosthetics to digital prosthetics in order to ensure a superior quality of the procedures in a reduced period of time.

- Few of our devices:

  • Digital Scanner 3SHAPE Trios
  • Computer Tomograph (CBCT)
  • Piezosurgery Mectron
  • Endodontic Microscope
  • Digital radiology

- Guarantee for the performed interventions and procedures
- Multiple and flexible payment methods

Our Principles

1. Well trained doctors
We encourage and we support our doctors to attend conferences and sessions for a continuous improvement of their training level. The costs and necessary time in order to be up-to-date in a domain like dentistry are not small. However, we are fully aware of the fact that we cannot face progress and the expectations of our patients without specialized training.

2. Up-to-date technology
We invested in the equipment and in the materials that really bring a boost of precision and quality, as well as better costs for the medical procedures. The endodontic microscope, the digital radiology equipment (intraoral and CBCT) or the 3D scanner associated to digital prosthetics - represent only a few examples that define our level of professionalism.

3. Maximum preservation
No matter how much technology would evolve in the domain of dentistry, there is no doubt that nothing can compare to natural teeth. This is why we are doing our best to keep and to treat in time the affections of your teeth through efforts of prophylaxis, regular control and endodontic treatment. In other words: we will never suggest the replacement of a tooth that can be saved!

4. all dental specialties
Your time is precious.You will find all the dental specialties and all the procedures associated to a complete treatment inside our clinic. We will never waste your time and all the interventions performed inside our clinic are integrated in a computerized system that will allow the registration of all the information, but also your access to situations and images that will help you understand the treatment perfectly.

Materials and Suppliers

Our clinic is constantly supplied with materials of the finest quality that will answer your expectations on a long term. Our suppliers are companies known in the domain for the fairest quality/price reporting.


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