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Whitening teeth with prosthetics

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested procedures when it comes to embellishing smile. For those who still enjoy their natural teeth this can be done successfully by whitening in the cabinet, - with professional lamp - and whitening at home - with mouth guard. Regarding the expectations you might have about what you…
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Monitoring program

It is easier to prevent than to treat and it is cheaper to treat a cavity than to replace a missing tooth! Starting with February 2016, our clinic has introduced a digital monitoring program of the dental health state. This program represents a sort of “medical insurance” at the lowest price possible and we want…
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TRIOS 3Shape Scanner

At the beginning of this year, we considered necessary to invest in the purchase of a 3Shape Trios intraoral digital scanner. This type of scanner represents a solution that builds, optimizes and digitalizes the performance of the operations between the clinic and the laboratory so that the patients can benefit from prosthetic reconstructions of the…
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Monolithic Zirconia Katana

The TRIOS intraoral scanner provided by 3SHAPE takes a digital impression and sends it to the laboratory in order to be examined by the technician. In just a few days, the laboratory sends back a piece manufactured from Zirconia, in our case from Katana Zirconia, from Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc. The multiple tests performed on…
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CBCT Dental Imaging

The cone beam computer tomograph (CBCT) represents the latest technology in the domain of imaging and allows the tridimensional visualization of the scanned areas. Using a conic beam of X-rays, the CBCT scanner only needs a rotation around the patient in order to register hundreds of images from the desired zone. These images are then…
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Endodontia at Finesse Dent

We can assert without false modesty that our clinic has a tradition in endodontia, representing a real talent “incubator”: - our clinic was the first clinic from the capital to use the endodontic microscope even since 2006; - out of passion, the specialized medic Ramona Iosif attended training courses (professional competency courses) for one year,…
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