Monitoring program

It is easier to prevent than to treat and it is cheaper to treat a cavity than to replace a missing tooth!
Starting with February 2016, our clinic has introduced a digital monitoring program of the dental health state. This program represents a sort of “medical insurance” at the lowest price possible and we want our patients to benefit from it. The program consists of a session of complete evaluation and maintenance of the dental health state through:
• digital scanning (with TRIOS scanner),
• panoramic radiography,
• professional depuration,
• consultation at the dentist
and eventually,
• computer tomograph (CBCT).
For the patients who are interested in taking part in this program, an annual or biannual monitoring is ensured (depending on the case) through at least three of the means presented above, at a cost reduced by 50% than the individual interventions. Practically, our clinic will contact you and you will be invited to a monitoring

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