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  • Prosthodontics


    Digital scanning represents the key to success in this domain. The rest, no longer matter so much. Do you remember the teeth…

  • Prophylaxis


    We must understand that the severe dental problems represent a mixture of affections and that prophylaxis can save time, money and emotions.…

  • Pedodonthics


    Although it only refers to the treatments intended for children, this specialty of dental medicine should be also important for parents. The…

  • Orthodontia


    Modern orthodontia is not intended only for children, but it can also be used for adults, the fixed physiognomic orthodontic equipment reducing…

  • Dental Implantology

    Dental Implantology

    It is important to be reminded that only in 20% of the cases in which implants are applied a simple insertion is…

  • Digital Imaging

    Digital Imaging

    Inside our clinic, in order to support the performed treatments, you can benefit from computerized radiology that reduces the level of Roentgen…

  • Dental Aesthetics

    Dental Aesthetics

    Dental aesthetics represents an expression that covers such a wide professional area that only a few can offer complete services for it.…

  • Endodontia


    Our purpose is to offer our patients the possibility of receiving an endodontic treatment at one of the highest standards valid worldwide…

  • Surgery


    Surgery does not only refer to the classical dental extraction, but also to a series of other procedures of preservation of the…